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  Hunan Provincial Library was founded in 1904.It is the earliest state-run provincial public library. The new Hunan provincial library was built at Shaoshan Road and opened in December,1984, when Hu Yaobang, the General Secretary of the Communist Party at that time, inscribed the library name...
1 F Consultation CounterReader's Card Office
General Reading & Lending Room
(Self-study Room)
Library for the Blind
2 F Literature & Arts Books Reading and Lending Room
Chinese Newspapers & Periodicals Reading and Lending Room
3 F Chinese Reference Books Reading & Lending Room,Reserved Collections Reading Room,Hunan University Social Sciences Research Room
Local Document Reading Room
Hunan Famous Persons Materials Center
Foreign Languages Books Reading & Lending Room,Literature Searching Room,Electronic Reading Room
4 F Readers Club
Library Science Materials Room
Ancient Books Reading Room
Training Building1 F

Library Science Materials Room

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General Reading and Lending Room
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General Reading and Lending Room
Literature & Arts Books Reading and Lending Room
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